4hands massage

This is a massage technique executed by two qualified Therapists working in a synchronised manner using firm but delicate movements of their hands upon the body of the client. During the session, traditional Hawaiian and Effleurage techniques are employed to ensure reaching total relaxation of the muscles. By utilising four hands as opposed to two, the effect of a regular massage is amplified exponentially as the senses are unable to predict where the next masseur’s hand movement will impact the body. As a therapeutic treatment, the four-hands technique is highly recommended for the treatment of multiple muscle contrition resulting in persistent and chronic discomfort. Within the leisure real, it constitutes a real treat to the body and a great opportunity for pampering yourself.


  • £100 for 75 minutes of 4 Hand Massage
  • £120 for 75 minutes of 4 Hand Massage with Hot Stones

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