Hot stones massage

This treatment uses volcanic stones heated with hot water to between 120 to 150 degrees.The basalt stone absorbs and retains heat that help to relieve the tension of the muscles quickly and efficiently. The benefit of the hot stones is amplified by hands-on massage treatment. This treatment is excellent for boosting the blood circulation, increasing the lymphatic system flow, helping to clear out waste, detoxifying the body. The massage alternated between hot stones such as basalt and cold stones such as quartz.

For this practise the stones are rubbed over the oiled body, and placed on top of different areas of your body such as trunk and limbs.

This massage is highly commended for those who suffer from insomnia, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain, poor circulation and also for people who are dealing with depression or stress.


  • £70 for 90 min.
  • £85 for 120 min.

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