Sports massage

Helps to improve muscle endurance and power as well as the flexibility/ range of motion and helps to heal quicker at the rehabilitation process. Aims to re-oxygenates the muscles tissue, increases the blood flow and the endurance and power of the muscle.

This practise combines trigger point techniques, stretches, breaks down scar tissue and aids the growth of new tissue after injury. Frictions and mobilization increase oxygen levels in the body.

Sports massage reduces all kinds of pains caused by stress, bad postural habits and injuries. It is not just professional athletes that suffer injuries. Stress it is the most common issue that leads to muscular imbalances, this creates discomfort and limits your daily life performance. Not taking action at the right time, makes these problems chronic and as a result this can lead more serious injuries.


  • £30 for 30min.
  • £50 for 60min.
  • £60 for 90min.

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