Vinyasa yoga

A yoga practise consisting of continuous and fluid movements executed in a series of structured asanas (postures) that results in a soft dynamic flow of energy connected to the Ujjayi breathing( yoga breathing). By practising Vinyasa the body energises naturally by producing internal heat. Around the world, Vinyasa is popular in hospitals and rehabilitation centres where it is employed in the treatment of trauma, food disorders through physiotherapy. Some of its many benefits include achieving better sleeping patterns, general body flexibility and the strengthening of bone mass. In addition, regular practise stimulates blood circulation by acting directly upon muscles, improving the digestive function and the immunological response, delaying the ageing process​.


  • £30 for 75 min. class one to one.
  • £40 for 75 min. class (couple or two people class, £20 each).
  • For bigger groups contact me.

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